Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Easy Baked Oatmeal recipe

If you enjoy the taste of oatmeal and the consistency of coffee cake, this is a recipe for you!

My mom-in-law gave me this recipe-- and it's the perfect combination of easy-to-make and yummy-to-eat. 

Try it; you'll love it! You can find the complete recipe from All Recipes here.

This recipe is great because it's only nine ingredients, it's fairly low in sugar, and it contains no flour-- so it's gluten-free for those of you with allergies. Plus, it contains those healthy walnuts I was telling you about. 

You can also top the oatmeal with fresh berries, or you can layer berries on the bottom of the pan and bake them right into the oatmeal. I've also considered adding pumpkin spice for a little more Fall flavor (minus the berries in this case!) 

Furthermore, it's great for those of us in a hurry in the morning! If you don't have time to cook up a bowl of oatmeal, you can grab a piece of this on your way out the door. Love!


Natalie Naomi said...

Looks delicious! And with the fresh fruit would be a perfect breakfast or snack.

Sarah Frills4Thrills said...

Ooh! That looks so tasty : )

Where in Oregon do you live? My husband and I live in Portland and I always love finding other bloggers in Oregon : )

Pia said...

This sounds and looks delicious! I love oatmeal!

And thank you so so much for your lovely comment!! I haven't started reading The Shack yet, but I am really looking forward to it. And come to Germany if you get the chance!! ;)

Heather @ Finding Beauty in the Ordinary said...

Fabulous! Thanks for sharing!