Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Free printable = new wall art!

I just saw this free printable over on Pinterest, and realized it's actually from a blog I follow: eighteen25. They posted it back in May, but somehow I missed it-- and now I'm in love!

And for those grammar police out there (myself included), 
I realize it should state "whom" as an object pronoun (in accordance with the preposition "with") 
rather than "who" as a subject pronoun. 
Yet, I still love the print. Life's too short to be taken so technically! 

And even better? Eighteen25 offers the downloadable image in eight different color schemes-- so you can find the one that matches your decor best!

So, combine that free printable with these four picture frames I picked up for fifty cents (for all!) at a garage sale this weekend, and I've got myself some wall decor for the bedroom.

Thank you for sharing, eighteen25! Now I just need to figure out what to put in the other three frames... :-)

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Jennie Bennett said...

So cute!! I'll have to go take a look :)