Sunday, September 18, 2011

I need mirror ideas!

Last week I used one of my precious fifty-percent-off coupons for Michael's 
to buy a basic 10-inch mirror (making it $1.50). 

Just your basic round crafting mirror.

I was planning on using it as a base for a round metal tray I got (for free!) from a garage sale. 
Unfortunately, it was slightly too big. 

And I knew this on the first try of putting it in. 

The hubby however, (bless his heart for trying) decided he could get the mirror in. 
So he forced it a little...

And it still did not fit.

Forcing it did, however, put a few tiny chips in the edges of the mirror-- meaning, I can't return it. 

Hence, my dilemma. 

I like the sunburst idea. But there are so many different versions to choose from!

I also love the nautical theme of the rope-- possibly with a navy bow at the top?

I also thought of gluing it to a pretty charger plate. 

Or edging it in beads. 

Or handmade fabric flowers. 

So many options-- any idea what I should do with this?
I'd love your input!

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Katie {Always, Katie} said...

I LOVE the idea of the handmade fabric flowers! Great for a crafting area, and a scraps buster :-) My craft area can feel a little cramped sometimes... if yours does too, a mirror would open it up!