Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Seattle recap

As I said in a previous post, this past weekend the hubby and I -- along with our friend Justin -- went to visit my twin, Mark. He lives in Lynnwood, WA which is about twenty minutes north of Seattle and a good five hour drive from where we live.

The weekend consisted of perusing Pike Place Market, eating at delicious restaurants, catching up with a few old friends, laughing hysterically while playing The Game of Things, and finding treasures at garage sales and flea markets.

 So much lavender! Love it!
There were so many gorgeous flower stands at the market and the lavender smelled wonderful! There were also lots of handcrafted items including jewelry, paintings, soaps, coasters, etc. So many amazing things. I ended up buying a handmade sterling silver ring with a tiny delicate rose for five dollars. (Awkward moment: the seller thought my brother was my husband!) 

 A giant gummy bear made of gummy bears!

 The famous gum wall.
We stopped by the "gum wall"-- which is exactly what it sounds like. Disturbing yet fascinating at the same time-- people can be surprisingly creative with their gum! We spotted the Canadian flag, lots of names, and even a portrait of a woman made entirely out of pieces of gum. Of course we had to add to the wall-- but made sure to pick empty spaces where we didn't have to risk touching other gum!

I love this whimsical umbrella... although luckily, it wasn't that windy when we were there. 

 This guy was real! 
There were a lot of street performers around Pike Place, including the silver man shown here, a jazz quartet, a cross-dresser, and a man who played the guitar while hula hooping and balancing a second guitar on his chin. (Unfortunately I don't have a photo of that!) 

There was also a man selling cat sweaters, and he used his own cats as his models. Now, that may not sound extraordinary, but the cats were unleashed, uncaged and simply sat on platforms looking adorable. They were so well behaved. I swear they had the biggest audience of all. 

We stopped for lunch at The Pike Seattle Brewing Co. where I had a delicious veggie quesadilla with spinach, onions, peppers, mushrooms and four cheeses, topped with chipotle dressing. Yum

 The Freemont Troll from the 1999 movie Ten Things I Hate About You

All in all, it was a wonderful little trip and I can't wait to go back! Apparently there is a short hiking trail to the Puget Sound only three miles from my brother's apartment, which we plan to explore next time. I also can't wait to see my brother again-- I already miss him! 

On a side note, I picked up an antique tool chest for five dollars at one of the garage sales we found. I plan to sand it down, paint it and restore it... hopefully soon. Expect a post on that in the near future. :-)


Mandee said...

that silver ring sounds adorable! I would love to see it!!

Kyle said...

It was a great trip! A lot of interesting things, ten hours and 600 miles of driving, but all worth while. I had a lot of fun, and I know we will be doing it again soon.