Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Project: Jewelry Stand

This weekend I found an old coffee mug holder at a garage sale for fifty cents. It most certainly wasn't the prettiest thing ever. The wood was scratched and the paint (which wasn't lovely to begin with...) was chipping off.

But after some sanding, some staining, and some repainting-- it was as good as new. (Although in hindsight, I wish I would've chosen a darker stain for the base, or painted it black as well).

Now, considering I live in a tiny apartment with the smallest amount of countertop space ever, I was in no way looking to clutter up my kitchen with a coffee mug holder. However, my jewelry definitely needed some organization-- and this was the perfect solution!


Simple, inexpensive and practical. What do you think?


Katie {Always, Katie} said...

Very pretty! And I think the wood is an AWESOME contrast to the black :-) I have several jewelry racks, and this is prettier than almost all of them!

Mandee said...

wow great job re-doing that! I wouldn't have the patience nor the know-how. Looks great!

Jordan McCollum said...

That turned out so pretty! New follower via Wow Me Wednesday!