Saturday, June 18, 2011

Wedding date collage

I've had a picture frame for quite awhile now that I just couldn't figure out how to use. It holds three 2 1/2 in. x 3 in. pictures-- which, if you ask me, is too small for regular photos: how are you supposed to see faces or scenery when they are so small? I prefer much larger pictures, where you can really see every facial expression, every action, every detail of the background. 

But the frame ended up being perfect for a date collage. I found interesting pictures of our wedding numbers online (I tried going around town to actually find the numbers I needed, but that proved to be too time-consuming!), printed them off, and voila! The numbers are large and simple, so even in such a small space, they stand out. 

Very easy and meaningful. (I also love that the frame says "Live, Laugh, Love" right under our wedding date). Have any of you ever made a date collage before? I'd love to see!


Laura said...

That would make a lovely wedding gift for a newlywed couple. Great job!

Unknown said...

That is totally awesome and I may have to steal that idea for my house! I love this!

Mother of 3 boys said...

Where online did you find your numbers? I tried searching google but don't find pictures similiar to yours.