Sunday, June 5, 2011

DIY fabric button headband

This afternoon I decided to break out my Craft Cover Button Kit and some cute purple fabric I bought at Joann's (They just opened a new store near me, and I received three ten-dollar gift cards at their grand-opening!).

Originally I thought about using the covered buttons for a necklace or possibly a few rings, but for some reason I ended up making a headband (which is usually the case with my crafting!).

The supplies:

Fabric of your choice
Button kit (with plain-back buttons)
A basic elastic headband (not pictured)
Glue gun

All you do is cover the buttons (which is explained on the back of the button kit and is extremely simple and fast), hot glue them to the headband, and ta-da! You are finished.

The results:


Kristine@thefoleyfam said...

So simple and cute!!! Love it! Thanks for sharing! I've been meaning to try a covered button kit! Thanks for the inspiration ;)

Michelle Porth said...

Thanks Kristine! Button-covering really is extremely simple!

Tanya said...

Good job on the gift card score! That is super cute. Have made earrings like that but did not think about headbands. Great fabric.

Fabrics said...

What a lovely headband, thanks for sharing everything, I'll look forward to make some, luckily I have a perfect fabric for it, can't wait for it.