Sunday, June 26, 2011

Garage sale finds

Aren't these flowers gorgeous? I picked them from my mom's garden this morning. So lovely and feminine. 

Today my husband, parents and I went to a massive estate sale. It was beyond huge. Every single room was crowded with things-- vintage items, antique furniture, craft supplies, clothing, garden art, household supplies, collector's items, you name it-- even the house itself was for sale!

Here are some of the wonderful items I scored:

Some beautiful vintage fabric. The lace will be perfect for a t-shirt project I have planned.

A 634-page collection of classic poems-- copyright 1936. Compiled by a New York Times Book Review writer, Hazel Felleman. I can't wait to dive into these poems!

Some more fabric pieces and some old Oregon/Portland maps-- also for another project idea. Stay tuned!

And finally, an entire tin of Book Darts for a quarter! Have you guys ever heard of these? They are only the most genius way to bookmark a page-- these little guys are metal and are extremely thin (much thinner than a penny) so they won't mess up the pages of your beloved book. Which is important if you are trying to preserve the integrity of your novels, like myself :-) Plus, they are in the shape of arrows-- so when you place them on the side of your page, you can point directly to a specific line. How wonderful is that? And did I mention they are made in Oregon?!

If you'd like your own Book Darts, they can be found here.

Do any of you go to garage sales? Have you found anything wonderful? I'd love to know!


Anonymous said...

Oh Great finds :)

dianapantz said...

such great stuff!

Mandee said...

you have inspired me to go garage saling! What neighborhoods in Portland are the best for sales?

Kelley said...

Ditto what Mandee said. I love re-purposing things. I just found a site showing you how to make things from old magazine pages. SO excited about that. I love this blog. Thanks for the inspiration (from your newest follower)