Saturday, April 30, 2011

Frozen banana "ice cream"

I love ice cream. It's true. The smooth texture, the cool feeling in my mouth, the sweet and creamy deliciousness.

Oh so wonderful.

But do I love the calories? No. The sugar? Nope. The fat? Not so much.
Enter in the alternative: frozen bananas.

And no, I'm not going bananas. (Although, the "going bananas over you" stickers shown above are splendid. Thank you Twig and Thistle. If you'd like to see more of them, go here.)

Back to my point. I recently read an article about a healthy alternative to ice cream. And since I'm so obsessed with ice cream, I had to try it out. The idea is that you take two bananas and freeze them, then mix them in a blender until smooth and creamy like ice cream.

And get this: It worked.

Frozen bananas actually take on the consistency of ice cream. Amazing, right? My husband and I enjoyed a cup of said "ice cream" tonight, and it was delicious. Try it; I guarantee you'll be as amazed as I was.

A few notes after trying frozen banana ice cream:
1. Just because it takes on the consistency of ice cream, does not mean it tastes like ice cream. If you don't like banana-flavor, you probably won't like it.
2. Even if you do like banana, the flavor can still be strong. We added a spoonful of peanut butter to ours-- so much better!
3. I recommend freezing the bananas already peeled and in a plastic bag. Peeling frozen bananas may result in frost-bitten fingers and unnecessary frustration.

Let me know if you try it!


Megan | Freckled Italian said...

That sounds amazing! I used to always keep a couple in the freezer to use in smoothies but I bet they're delicious on their own. I'll definitely have to try it--and your peel before idea is so simple but completely genius!

Kelly said...

Brilliant idea! I will have to try this!

Lindsay said...

I LOVE frozen bananas. YUM!

Kyle said...

I totally did this a few summers ago when I first went vegan and didn't realize that fake ice cream existed yet. I would eat the banana right of the peel with a spoon and it was a pleasant surprise because it really is a lot like ice cream.

I haven't done this in a while now that I discovered fake ice cream, but I think I will again because it is so much healthier!

Michelle Porth said...

Kyle-- What exactly is "fake ice cream"? I'm dying to know! Now that my brother is diabetic, I look for any and all options that may be healthier for him.

dianapantz said...

we made this the other night.
we used 3 bananas, a scoop of pb and a bit of chocolate almond milk.
soooo gooood!


Lozzz123 said...

wow! i've never thought of trying that. sounds interesting - especially with the pb.

cool idea :)