Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pirate ships and nautical love + DIY

The view from Seal Rock

Last weekend, the hubby and I went to Newport beach with some friends. And let me tell you, I adore the beach. I could sit and watch the ocean for hours. Listening to the crashing of waves and looking out on the vastness of blue makes you realize how big the world really is (and how small and insignificant everyday worries can be).

There were so many starfish in so many colors. 
My friend Amy told me they are actually called sea stars-- I had no idea! 

Eventually we wandered over to the bayfront to peruse the shops and enjoy the sunshine (and taste the salt water taffy...) -- and THIS is what we happened across:

Pirate ships! Complete with American flags, pirate flags, and firing cannons! I only wish I could've gotten a closer look at the beauty in those ships. The stained wood and billowing canvas was gorgeous.

And of course, my trip to the beach inspired me to create something nautical:

I love stripes!

Another headband :) I seem to have a thing for headbands lately. (If you'd like to know how to make a pleated flower like this, go here)

My cat Ruby was a good sport in modeling it for me:

She probably hates me for this.

Now I dream of light summer breezes and wearing my nautical headband with the perfect carefree dress, like this seersucker one from EmersonMade that I am in love with:

How perfect are those brass buttons? If only it weren't (yikes!) 218 dollars... Guess I better start expanding my horizons with my sewing machine :)


Tara @ Beautiful Blendings said...

The headband is cute, kinda like what I have for my blog giveaway right now from justlovelythings. ;)

dianapantz said...

i love the coast!
last year, i drove the entire oregon coast; tip to tip.
love it!


Michelle Porth said...

Yes! The Oregon coast is --by far-- one of my most favorite places to visit. Or to stay. Or to contemplate life.

Kelly said...

Holy cow, that's a lot of starfish (or sea stars?). I never see them lounging around like that - SO cool!

Michelle Porth said...

Thanks for stopping by Kelly! I know-- it was amazing! There were so many tide pools just filled with them.

Unknown said...

oh my gosh i am drooling over that dress too... lets figure out how to knock it off, what do you say? i think we could beat that price! ;)


Michelle Porth said...

I totally agree Selina! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

Laura @ live.laugh.photograph said...

that is so cute!!! i love the colors you chose!