Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bench swing arbor

I can't believe how quickly this week has flown by! I've been so busy getting ready for Kyle's birthday (tomorrow!), our anniversary trip coming up next week (to Seattle!) and a million other little things. And of course there has been work and a little bit of garage sale hunting thrown into the mix as well. :-) I'm sorry I've been away from this little blog for so long!

Anyway, last weekend I went home to my parents place (in Portland) to celebrate the fourth. We had a wonderful backyard BBQ with lots of family (and I decorated with these little DIY gems from {Nifty Thrifty Things}-- they were a big hit!) But before all of that fun, the earlier part of the weekend was spent working on this:

A bench swing arbor!

My mom has had that bench swing practically forever (I remember when I was little, we bought it at a garage sale for five dollars-- and then proceeded to cram it in the backseat of our car on my brother's and my laps!). The swing used to hang under a fort play structure my dad and grandpa built for us-- about 22 years ago!-- but unfortunately we had to take down our "playground" a few years back when it started to become unsafe. Since then, the bench swing has sat forlornly under our deck-- until now!

Isn't the arbor beautiful? And when I say "we" built it, I actually mean my dad, husband and brother. :-) I simply helped stain it after they were done (and I painted that little birdhouse stake off to the right of the arbor). Basically, I got all the fun jobs. :-) But I think it turned out wonderfully, and I'm really impressed with their work!

Now if only I had a backyard of my own... Someday!


Anonymous said...

Oh thats soooo cute...

garden arbor bench said...

What a genius idea - absolutely love it!!!

Shona Martinez said...

Wow! This bench swing is already antique. I’m glad it is still useful until now. You all did a good job in creating the arbor and installing the bench swing there. Anyway, are those flowering plants you placed there? I’m sure it’ll make the bench swing arbor more beautiful when the flowers bloom. ->Shona Martinez