Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Make-believe comes to life

Have you ever seen Disney Pixar's UP?

If so, I'm sure you've dreamed of seeing a house float with the help of millions of balloons-- I know I have! It's such a magical, beyond-belief idea. Could it really work? How many balloons would it take? Will the house fall apart? Will the balloons burst? Will the strings snap?

Luckily, you can now put your wild imagination to rest, thanks to National Geographic. Combining scientists, engineers and pilots, the company has accomplished the extraordinary feat of a floating house.

I'm amazed by how large each individual balloon is-- 8 feet tall when inflated!

Unfortunately, my estimation of a million balloons was way off; this house took only a mere 300 balloons. Though I suppose the company could have used many more smaller balloons if they had wished to do so? I'm no expert on the matter.

You can read more about the topic here. The full story behind the floating house will be revealed with the launch of the new series "How Hard Can it Be?" late this fall. I can't wait to watch the magic unfold!

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