Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Unexpected vacation?

So apparently, without even realizing it, I declared August a month of vacation for this little blog. I'm not even sure what happened to August-- it came and went so quickly. So much has taken place in the little span of this month-- two birthdays, a weekend painting project, a family BBQ, a family garage sale, helping a friend move...

And of course the biggest thing, losing my cat Ruby and spending the last 17 days searching for her (with no luck so far). Thank you so much for all of your kind words and support in our search for her. We are still holding out hope that she will make it home soon.

Anyway, I just want to apologize for my absence lately; but Fall is coming and I am starting fresh! With a new season (my favorite!) comes new energy, new ideas, and new enthusiasm! I guess my mind is still in the school mode-- there's just something refreshing and exciting about starting a new year (even if I'm not in school anymore).

So stay tuned, and, as always, thank you for visiting!


Jennie Bennett said...

I think we all kinda had hard time holding on during the summer. Glad you're back!

Kelley said...

Fall is the best season ever. Good luck with the cat search. Glad you're back too!

Kelley said...

I gave you a blog award today on my blog. You can claim it here


Janet Johnson said...

Welcome back then and happy fall! I found you over at Kelley's blog. Nice to meet you!

Anonymous said...

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