Wednesday, March 16, 2011

St Patty's Day crafts

I found this tutorial over at Mama Jill for a DIY St. Patty's Day headband. I think my preschoolers are going to love it tomorrow-- especially when I add in green fingernails and my Shamrock Run t-shirt to complete the look :-)

The inspiration:

My version:

I used three layers of green felt, a simple stretchy headband, some silver beads, and hot glue. I freehanded my shapes, but you could use cookie cutters, flower patterns found online, etc.

(These pictures aren't the best-- my apartment has very poor lighting for photography...)

And while I was in the crafting mood, I also took about five minutes and made this simple yet cute "Pot o'Gold" for my classroom.

We are going to have a rainbow scavenger hunt, where shamrock clues (in the colors of the rainbow) will be hidden around the room and eventually lead the little ones to the treasure! I can't wait!